You can find my new permanent home on the web where I'm just getting settled in www.missgraceshepherd.com

I am a lover of the arts, nature, sports, and so much more, part sensualist, part fetishist, and all lady, take a peek into my world darling. I'm a native New Englander who travels throughout the area by invitation. My home base is just a tad north of Boston (although I'm there quite regularly).

 You'll find I'm an exceptionally well reviewed Femdom and Kinkster  (over 10 years in the industry) with a stellar reputation and a great deal of fun! I tend to have a dry, dark wit and sense of humor. I'm a rare bird and one you'll find addicting.

I do screen any new potential clients for comfort, safety and compatibility.  I do require real world information and I don't want to play with everyone who passes my screening. I'm  serious about safety, discretion, and fun. My fun matters as much to me as yours.

Please do read through my site for all pertinent information prior to contacting me, I will not discuss rates or services with you at any point. It is up to you to do your homework.

A completed  booking form is required for  consideration.